Installation Art:

We Love Our Customers 2013

When I first time landed in Canada (2002), I noticed that lot of my korean neighbours owned dry cleaner business. If you’ve ever taken your silk or wool garments to a dry cleaners, you may have noticed at some point that the person behind the counter is Korean. A study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research explains that tight-knit immigrant groups stay within their communities and network, which leads to the sharing and inheritance of similar skills and businesses. For Koreans and dry cleaners, it started in the late 1970s when large numbers of Koreans immigrated to America & Canada. With a language barrier, limited resources, and lack of certifications and education needed for career opportunities in the U.S, many Korean immigrants took up jobs in produce and learned skills such as sewing.

In this installation art project blue shirts represent "blue-color workder" (lack of certifications and education), the plastic cover is representing barriers between Korean immigrant and Canadian culture.

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Installation Art:

Memories Fade Away 2013

Performing Arts:

Rent is too damn high 2012

Shelters are overwhelmed, social housing is a mess, rents are exorbitant. Using the performing arts to address social issues. So I rented parking spots around Toronto and use the space for not just parking my car, rented for study space, bedroom space, art studio space.

Performing Arts
Performing Arts
Performing Arts

2D & 3D Graphic Design:

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