InstaVR Interviews: Meet the VR Practitioners

InstaVR Interviews is a blog series where we turn the spotlight on our customers. We find out why they create VR, how they use InstaVR, and what the future of VR will look like. To read more interviews, visit the InstaVR Interviews homepage.

Soo Chung, Lead Graphic Designer & Vince Luk, Director of Marketing Strategy, Premise LED

Premise LED is a manufacturer of LED lighting luminaires for commercial, industrial & residential applications supplying Canada & the USA. Formerly known as CORE Products Canada Ltd, the company was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Toronto.  Soo Chung is Lead Graphic Designer at Premise LED. A BFA graduate of University of Toronto, Soo is responsible for graphic design and media-based projects at Premise LED. She was joined in this interview by Vince Luk, Director of Marketing Strategy.

First use case was their company sales meeting; Agents wowed by seeing immersive VR before & afters with lighting from Premise LED installed Question: How did you first become interested in creating VR? Answer: Soo – VR has been growing this year. It was something new for marketing people and I was becoming interested in using it. So I was looking into other industries, such as real estate or fashion shows, where it’s not just about selling, but they’re also showing their environments (in VR). They want to let people experience what they’re doing. I thought since our industry is older, and they’re not always as interested in new content, it might be fun for them. Vince – Bottom line is that it’s visual. And you can’t really explain how bright something is. So we’re mainly using it for before & afters, in the environment. We were able to show the sales team — in chairs with Cardboards on their heads — and they were saying “Wow!”. We’d put them in a repair bay in a car dealership. Before and after, they could totally see the difference. That speaks for itself with our product.

The sales team experiences the first VR app created at the company on Google Cardboards.

The Premise LED team takes their 360 Fly into an actual business to capture footage; Learns some tips on camera movements for future apps Question: Can you discuss your filming of this first proof of concept app? Answer: Soo – We went up to take the before and after videos using a 360 camera. Vince – We used the 360 Fly. The one drawback on that camera is obviously the bottom part. (InstaVR note: 360 Fly is a well-regarded 4K camera, but doesn’t fully capture in 360-degrees, leaving the very bottom of images black). We figured out a way to put our logo there that would take you back Home. That’s worked so far. We didn’t really storyboard. We just knew we wanted to do a before and after. We knew our product, and where we wanted to shoot it, and what effect we wanted to show. But it’s hard because you try to do it while people are in the b